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Keto Switch is designed to provide exogenous (external) ketones to SWITCH your body into Ketosis. In a state of ketosis your body burns more fat, increases mitochondrial energy, enhances brain function, lowers inflammation, controls blood sugar, improves insulin sensitivity, fights food cravings and much more.

Keto Switch is useful for people who are attempting a ketogenic diet. It may help them avoid the Keto Flu. Keto Flu is a term used to describe a combination of conditions that resemble the flu during the adaptive phase (days 1 – 14) of ketosis. Often people complain of lethargy, tiredness, brain fog, aching muscles, etc. This is the period where your body switches from burning sugar (carbs) to fats (ketones). Keto Switch will help you power through this phase with greater energy and performance.

Keto Switch provides an additional fuel source while your body is preparing to burn fats more efficiently. Flick the Keto Switch and start burning fat more today!


Who should use Keto Switch?

Anyone looking to…

  • Burn Fat
  • Control Hunger
  • Support Lean Muscle
  • Improve Blood Sugar Management
  • Enhance Mental Function
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Fight Mental Decline

How does Keto Switch help me burn fat?

Mitochondrial Biogenesis: There are several ways Keto Switch works to burn body fat. The most important is its ability to increase mitochondrial biogenesis. The mitochondria are the fat burning engines of your cells. Often genetically gifted athletes or people that are naturally lean have higher amounts of mitochondria per cell. Therefore, they burn more fat and provide more energy to their body. If we can increase the number and efficiency of your mitochondria it stands to reason that you will become a more efficient fat burning machine.

Appetite Control: Because your brain is getting a supply of high powered energy in the form of ketones it reduces the demand for further calorie requirements from food. In a recent study at the university of Melbourne published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that when overweight subjects were placed on a calorie restricted ketogenic diet they lost 13% of their bodyweight. What was interesting is the subjects had no increase in Ghrelin (the appetite increasing hormone) that is normally seen with calorie restricted diets. The participants subjectively had a lower perceived appetite than those on a non-ketogenic calorie restricted diet. Therefore, Keto Switch may keep hunger pangs away by controlling Ghrelin and improving Leptin (appetite controlling hormone) sensitivity.

Blood Sugar Metabolism: Ketosis or the supplementation of exogenous ketones may help to improve insulin sensitivity which may result in your body utilizing carbohydrates (Sugars) more efficiently. If you use carbs more efficiently you are less likely to store them as bodyfat.

How does Keto Switch help me improve brain function?

Ketones are arguably the preferred source of energy for our brains and we use them very efficiently. There are multiple mechanisms involved in the mental improvements seen in ketogenic subjects, including a reduction in the mental decline of subjects suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s. Much of these benefits may be due to the improved blood sugar management (Alzheimer’s is now called type 3 diabetes) seen with ketones.

Other benefits may include improved mitochondrial function, reduced inflammation and increased BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor). BDNF is a naturally occurring hormone that protects and repairs your brain cells, increases the growth of new brain cells, and improves learning, memory and mood. In fact, many researchers consider it a natural antidepressant.

Research suggests that if you struggle with mental illness or poor brain function, you likely have reduced levels of BDNF. But luckily, Ketones from Keto Switch may help to enhance the production of BDNF.

For every 1.0 m/mol of ketones in the blood there is approximately a 10% improvement in brain function. It’s not unheard of to see people get their ketones up to 4.0 or 5.0 m/mol which may see a 40-50% improvement in mental processing speed and creativity. Want to be the sharpest tool in the shed then you may want to consider using Keto Switch prior to those important meetings.

Is Keto Switch safe?

BHB (Beta Hydroxybutyrate) which is the main ingredient in Keto Switch is incredibly safe and 100% natural. However, the BHB is attached to mineral salts (sodium, calcium and magnesium) which may cause GI disturbances in some subjects. This is very quickly overcome with continued lower dose use.

What type of diet works best with Keto Switch?

To get the best benefits from Keto Switch we recommend a lower carb (less than 100g/day) or ketogenic (Less than 50g/day) diet. However, we understand that low carb or ketogenic diets are hard to maintain so we find using a carb backloading nutritional approach works incredibly effectively. Download our FREE Carb Backloading Program here.) Because of the additional sodium in the product you may need to keep a check on your sodium intake.

Is Keto Switch 100% Natural?

Yes. It is naturally flavoured and sweetened to make this the best tasting Keto supplement available.

Is Keto Switch Gluten, Soy and Diary Free?

Yes. We use a new micro-emulsifying spray technology to disperse the MCT oil onto our BHB powder. Most other companies use maltodextrin (gluten) or diary as a base. We also use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin to improve mixability.

Is Keto Switch Vegan?

Yes. We haven’t harmed any animals in the production of Keto Switch.

When Should I take Keto Switch?

For best results, Keto Switch should be used in a fasted state (the absence of food for a prolonged period) and/or before exercise. As seen in the Carb Backloading Program we would recommend you use 1 serving upon rising before fasted cardio and then a second serve 20 mins before intense exercise in the afternoon.

How quickly will I be in ketosis after consuming Keto Switch?

Within 20 – 30 mins you could be in full ketosis depending on your diet and when you used the Keto Switch. It may keep you in ketosis for up to 3-4 hours.

Why have you added L-Carnitine to Keto Switch?

L-Carnitine is critically involved in the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria to burn body fat as fuel. Therefore, L-Carnitine should help to improve fat metabolism. L-Carnitine also helps to improve hormone sensitivity which may result in insulin sensitivity and testosterone support.

When I use Keto Switch, I feel a sense of Euphoria and Mood Elevation. Is that normal?

Not everyone experiences this benefit but it is easily explained. Keto Switch improves GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) production and uptake. GABA enhances mood and reduces anxiety. This makes Keto Switch the perfect product for people under stress who can’t sleep or suffer from depression or anxiety.

Can I use anything else with Keto Switch to get better results?

We recommend the use of MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides). MCT’s are rapidly converted into ketones in the liver. You can also use grass fed butter, ghee or coconut oil to improve or increase the level of ketosis.

My doctor said ketosis is dangerous. Is this true?

Your doctor is a dumbass and it’s time to find a new doctor. He/she is clearly confused between the state of ketoacidosis (an unnatural state of acidity associated with diabetes) and ketosis (a natural state of converting fat into ketones to use as energy). 

Thermal Switch – Fat Burner

Ignition Switch – Pre-Workout / Testosterone (Capsule)

Power Switch – Pre/Workout / Testosterone (Capsule)

Amino Switch – EAA

Mental Switch – Nootropic (Capsule)

Adrenal Switch – Magnesium Adrenal Formula

Hunger Switch – Craving Control (Capsule)

Super Switch – Greens and Collagen

Kill Switch – Sleep 

THERMAL SWITCH combines the perfect blend of energising, mood enhancing and metabolic boosting nutrients to provide you with the ultimate thermogenic.

THERMAL SWITCH utilises the synergy of standardised plant extracts, antioxidants, amino acids and critical co-factors to boost energy expenditure, control appetite, increase alertness, enhance focus and prolong energy.

THERMAL SWITCH features scientifically proven levels of Acetyl L-Carnitine, Caffeine and Epigallocatechin Gallate from Green Tea to support fat metabolism and support weight loss. With added L-Tyrosine for thyroid function and neurotransmitter production, THERMAL SWITCH is sure to deliver in all areas.

RRP: AU$179.95 | save 12%
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