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Platinum Labs (Platinum Laboratories Pty Ltd) is an Australian based supplement company with our laboratories based in America. Platinum Labs established with one goal in mind, to provide American standard supplements with the Australian consumer in mind. The Australian supplement market is unlike any other in the world, we want our supplements strong and we want results fast! Australians aren’t interested in simply the hype of big brand names, we want products that we know are working within minutes of taking them! The hurdle has been that Australian based supplement companies have been limited by access to a full range of ingredients, and then the cost of putting the best quality available ingredients into their supplements. The Directors of Platinum Labs went into business defined by the drive to incorporate top quality ingredients, and deliver rapid real results that Aussies demand of their supplements! We knew we had to do things differently which led to us basing our laboratories in the US, yet keeping our company here in Oz, focussing solely on the Australian market. Platinum Labs are also the proud distributor of Blackstone Labs products, discovered when searching the United States for the best ingredients.

Blackstone Labs are a company with the same unwavering view as ours towards quality supplements, no bullshit hype, no mass marketing, and having the products speak for themselves. As soon as we met the team and tested the products we knew Australians would love them as much as we do! Platinum Labs will never swap profits for the quality of our products, we will never skip or skimp on an ingredient, we will remain always committed and fierce about our products and our integrity. Platinum Labs sole aim and our Company goal is to become the most trusted, most reliable, most cutting edge manufacturer and distributor of products in Australia.

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  1. Platinum Labs Ultimate Pack
    Platinum Labs Ultimate Pack
    Special Price A$239.95 Regular Price A$254.90
  2. optiburndefcon1
    Platinum Labs Defcon1+Optiburn Amped Pack
    Special Price A$114.95 Regular Price A$124.95
  3. Platinum Labs OptiDreams+Anabolic Triad Pack
    Platinum Labs OptiDreams+Anabolic Triad Pack
    Special Price A$119.95 Regular Price A$129.95
  4. Platinum Labs OptiburnAmped + EHP Labs Acetyl L-Carnitine
    Platinum Labs OptiburnAmped + EHP Labs Acetyl L-Carnitine
    Special Price A$99.95 Regular Price A$109.95
  5. Platinum Labs OptiBurn AMPED
    Platinum Labs OptiBurn AMPED
    Special Price A$64.95 Regular Price A$69.95
  6. Defcon1 Optidreams Triad
    Platinum Labs OptiDreams+Anabolic Triad+Defcon1 Pack
    Special Price A$179.95 Regular Price A$185.90
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